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The IT Team

The IT industry is a booming marketplace and these days the only limitation is your imagination - which means if you can dream it, you can achieve it! So these creative thinkers are having to think even further outside of the square just to keep up. But sadly most of the time they're bogged down keeping your current system running smoothly and providing support to the other teams as they need it.

Wouldn't it be nice if your IT team could focus on the future of your company and someone else worried about the behind the scenes upkeep and maintenance? Here at PaSME, we understand your IT team is too valuable to your company's future to be caught up in the daily running's of your systems. That's why we know you'll love how we support them with the nitty-gritty stuff, leaving your IT team free to create the more important stuff!

"PaSME is beautifully designed with almost limitless potential, and this makes it an incredibly powerful tool."

Chris Trott - Technology Manager, PaSME

Power To The User

They say with great power comes great responsibility and nobody understands that better than us. So when we empower your staff to make minor changes to their platform in order to complete their work, we provide all the education they'll need with it. No longer will your IT team be flooded with requests to change this or alter that - they can focus on building the future of your business!

Maintenance And Updates

Keeping you servers up to date and fixing those inevitable bugs can completely weigh your IT department down. That's why when you choose PaSME, you're choosing a team who will assist with the maintenance and up-keep, quickly and efficiently. And even better then that is our Support Team, who are there to assist your staff with any questions or concerns they may have in real time. Your IT team will love their new-found ability to focus on the future developments of your company!

High Level Of Security

There are major risks involved with having your company's information stored or sent overseas by your provider. In today's global economy, it's rare to find a 100% Australian based IT company like PaSME. But because all of our servers are found here in the country, you can be sure your information is safe and sound, securely on Australian soil.

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