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What We Do

"Daniel, and the team at PaSME blow my mind, without their awesome suite of offerings we would never be able to meet the appetite of our great community."

Andrew Morello

The Nitty-Gritty

Bringing smart membership engagement tools to your business, association, or group - PaSME creates one central focal point that combines the power of the Content Management System, Client Relationship Management, Event Management and Project Management - within one modern web site/intranet platform.

"Everything we do, we believe in living up to our values of innovation, empowerment and integrity - Viewing our quest for excellence with a jovial sense of fun, to breathe life into any situation. We regard these values as a 'sauce' of truth, to be lived and not just heard."

PaSME is growing and is continuing to add even more horizontal functionality through development, integration and actively listens to requests made by the PaSME community - adopting a crowd-sourcing approach to the functions and features we bring forward.

Our platform is specifically designed to help membership-based organisations;

  • Grow their membership base - quickly and efficiently - by engaging them with easily accessible content;
  • Reduce membership churn, by reinforcing your organisations value at every communication point;
  • Improve member value through statistical-based quality measurement and content relevance;
  • Reduce IT system costs (both capital and operational) with a single, integrated, easy to use, and extensible platform.

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