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Audience trimming is a kind of filter that determines who will see your content. Although all of your users have access to exactly the same site, audience trimming allows you to provide each group with a difference experience, each group may access the same course on ‘How to conduct a wine tasting event’ but would see only the content that has been marked for their group.

In this instance let’s say the groups are broken down to wine regions of the world; France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Argentina and so forth. The users that are in group France cannot see the content for group Italy. Because the targeted content item is only visible to the target audience.

This gives you the freedom to have multiple groups accessing your site and seeing only what you want them to. The rules we have set make it very easy to assign the group name to every piece of content you create or upload, even down to a document in a library.

For example when your members login they don’t see the Operations section where your CRM is and cannot access it as they are not in your staff group. It gives you the freedom to set up modules or courses that more than one group can go through, but they only see the content assign to them. The ability to audience trim simplifies your user’s experience, because they only see what is relevant to them, putting all the power at your fingertips.

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