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Enact Your Vision

Do you have big dreams for your company and it's members? For the majority of us, we know exactly what we want in our future but we don't always know how to make it happen. This can lead to years of busily focusing on your members without actually moving your company forward.

What if there was something that would allow you to continue to providing incredible value to your members while assisting you to manage your time so you could grow your company as well? Sometimes, all it takes to achieve greatness is the right tools! That's why you'll find everything on PaSME is designed for your efficiency and accuracy, allowing you to enhance your productivity and better enact your company's vision.

Process Flows

They say there's no need to reinvent the wheel and we believe them. Why do things differently every time you do them - especially if you know the most efficient and effective method! By incorporating processes into your daily activities, you'll quickly find your overall productivity increase. That's why we've designed our platform with the ability to quickly and easily use process flows for everything from your day to day tasks right through to hiring staff and onboarding clients.

Project Management

Think about your company's big picture goals - the ones that are so big, you smile just at the thought of achieving them. At PaSME, we believe there is nothing more important than making your goals a reality and we are proud to say we've achieved amazing things in a tiny amount of time. But we've had a secret weapon! We built our platform with the ability to manage all our company projects in a simple and easy to use management system. Now, we want to share our project management tricks with you so you can do the same.

Task Management

It's one thing to know what your company's goals are but it's another thing entirely to achieve them. To truly understand exactly what is involved with the completion of your projects, it's important to break them up into bite-size, manageable tasks. Each task represents one aspect of the larger whole and with the ability to set task deadlines, you'll be working your way - one task at a time - to the successful completion of your goals in no time.

"Before we switched to PaSME, we had all our membership information spread across three different platforms ... this meant we had no way to quickly generate reports or effectively manage our program administration."

Ross Maher - Creativity Australia

Task Calendar

Do you find days go by and you haven't achieved anything you had intended to? Sometimes all you need is a helping hand to manage your time wisely - that's why we've incorporated the ability to plan your projects and tasks in our task calendar. An industry first, you'll be able to time block and populate your day with your tasks and before you know it, you'll be hitting those goals left, right and centre!

Dashboards & Reporting

As a business owner, it's important to always have your finger on the pulse of your company. So do you know exactly what's happening on your platform and when? With the ability to generate reports on almost every aspect of your platform, you'll never miss a beat again. And for a quick overview, you'll love our live dashboard feature!

Increased Efficiency

We all create business goals for a reason and we want to help you achieve yours. PaSME is built straight from the mind of a business consult who specialises in productivity and efficiency. By developing our platform to seamlessly integrate with the daily running's of your business, we know - from experience - that you'll be amazed with just how efficiently you can operate and just how quickly your achievements will start rolling in!

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