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Centralise Your Focus

Around the world, there are thousands of different varieties of memberships, all with a different role to play. Regardless of their purpose, every membership based organisation shares a common goal - to grow happy members. Everyone wants their members to love what they do and to find real value in their membership. So why is it so many organisations find their members leaving?

Research shows one of the major reasons members leave is because they don't feel engaged. This could be because they weren't truly interested when they signed up or maybe they achieved what they wanted from being a member. Mostly, however, it's because your membership isn't centralised to one location and while they're searching through your different mediums, they lose interest.

At PaSME, we know centralising your member's focus is the key to growing happy members so we've designed our entire platform to empower you to do exactly that!

Web Based Platform - PaaS

A web-based platform is one of the modern era’s most powerful business tools. Our platform’s magnitude of functions creates a centralised focal point, enhancing and simplifying your member’s experience while eliminating the need to toggle between different modalities. And when you use that platform as a service (PaaS) – or as the foundations for your membership – your ability to interact with and engage your members becomes incredibly effective.

Build Stronger Communities

Let’s be honest, we all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves - to become part of a group or a mission we can rally behind and evangelise. By bringing your membership onto a web-based platform, you can create a sense of community and a place for your members all over the world to call home.

Audience Trimming

Within your community, you may not want everyone to be able to access the same things. Don't spend hours manually setting up your materials and entering who can see them - use our audience trimming tool to quickly and easily specify which audience each member belongs to and what that audience can access. This frees up your time for more important things which your members will love you for!

"With PaSME I have enjoyed dealing with real down to earth people who have a very high level of knowledge and experience"

Kate Watt - Soulfull Clarity

Re-Live Experiences

In today's day and age, to keep up in the rat race you have to constantly be active in your industry. But that shouldn’t mean your actions are only valuable to the people who were there to see them! Record everything you do and share it with your members so they can re-live the experience with our platform and feel part of your journey.

Content & Courses

Everybody has something to learn and we’re sure you have something to share with them. Put all the content and courses on our platform and add massive value to your membership. Your members will love having everything accessible within just a few clicks and will be soaking up your materials in no time.


These days, most organisations have a calendar of events filled with valuable information sessions and workshops. And for many members, attending events is the most valuable part of their membership. So allow your members to quickly and easily access an overview of what’s coming up in the future and register their attendance with our event calendar.

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