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Daniel Lewis

The Honcho

aka CEO

What is your strangest talent?

I can touch both my chin and the tip of my nose, WITH MY TONGUE!

If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

Yo - because then everyone would greet me by saying "Hey Yo!"

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A pilot, and I will still be that (all hobby like), when my wife finally approves ...

About Daniel

Daniel Lewis, also known as the auBusinessDaD, is an Australian Entrepreneur who believes the foundations of every successful endeavour begins with its tribe.

With an innate passion for education and social gaming - combined with his skills in engaging those around him - Daniel found himself embracing modern techniques to design, develop, and implement process changes for ten-of-thousands of staff members.

Over the years, after consulting with various local and national organisations, Daniel uncovered patterns within all organisations around the implementation of engagement strategies with staff, members and stakeholders. So after turning his attention to the membership sector, Daniel created PaSME to empower organisations with the ability to treat their clients like members.

The PaSME Platform provides the technology, tools, and education to truly engage your audience - taking your organisation from good, to absolute greatness. With a vision to empower one million users through PaSME software, Daniel and his team live and breath their "we succeed, by helping you succeed" philosophy.

Now one of Australia's leading experts in membership engagement, Daniel regularly presents and consults with organisations with the aim to empower them with the knowlegde to unlock their tribe's full potential.

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