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So, what's PaSME?

There are millions of membership based organisations around the world and they all have something valuable to share with their members - but they don't always have the right platform to share it on. So instead, they email their members – A LOT! Or they create a social media group where their regular updates flood user newsfeeds until they are inevitably ignored. Without a centralised focal point, members quickly forget all of the amazing value you have to offer.

So ask yourself this; are you really growing happy members?

If you're like us, you dream of a world where your members truly value your membership. Where, instead of creating a tribe that feels drowned with your emails and social media updates, they feel empowered with the ability to access all of your content in one elegant space, at their own leisure. Everything is centralised – from educational materials to upcoming events, past events to tools and templates. Members no longer need to scour your different locations hoping to find what they need because it's all in one space.

At PaSME, we empower membership based organisations with the technology, tools, and education to build stronger communities. After all, there are millions of membership based organisations around the world and we want to help you stand out from the crowd so you can grow thousands of happy members.

We call this the PaSME revolution and we're inviting you to be part of it.

"Thanks to PaSME we are able to manage our stakeholder engagement with ease."

Shaun Inguanzo - ARCBS

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